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Augustus A, from USA

“Your videos not only taught me Poppin style but how to develop my own creativity.”

Haddip, from Norway

“Thanks for inspiring me to start. I’m still dancing and uploading videoes. Huge fan and “student” of yours.”

Matt, from Australia

“Thanks to your videos I got accepted into a dance crew and started doing workshops around Carins!”

Nick C, from Singapore

“I was inspired by TheRussianTiger and these videos were extremely helpful in helping me progress.”

Mad Stiv, from Russia

“Your lessons have very much helped me, thank you bro! Watch my freestyle vid!”

Wizz, from USA

“I learned from your videos and i’ve just reached 2 years now. thanks a lot dude.”

Dom, from USA

“When I started I was clueless, your videos were begginer friendly and now I am at a comfortable level.”

Shawn, from USA

“Your head isolation videos helped me so much. Thanks for everything Jeff i really appreciate your dedication.”

Geu S, from Australia

“You’ve inspired me soo much! Thanks for the vids, I kept watching and never gave up.”

Dimitri, from USA

“Wud up homie i kno 4 shure ive gotten better u gotta watch this one, good stuff !”

Larry Y, from USA

“I wanted to learn since I was a sophomore in high school, TheRussianTiger’s video had the best explanations.”

Sterling K, from USA

“Hey Jeff thank you again!! i started dancing 3 months ago and have gotten so much better!!”

Popping is the #1 dance style seen in hip hop music videos today.

Unfortunately, popping is rarely taught in dance studios so if you don’t live in a major US city such as New York or Los Angeles, learning from a teacher in-person can be impossible. YouTube clips leave out the important practice techniques meaning learning takes much longer than it should!

I have put together everything I know about learning popping faster & easier than watching YouTube videos.

These instructional videos allow you to learn with no previous experience. These are the videos I always wished I had when I started and this content is not available on YouTube! I am offering you 120 min of step-by-step instruction for the price of one NYC dance class!

Super Basic Club moves

$19.95 USD

  • Easy Moves You Can Learn In Days
  • Get Comfortable On The Dance Floor

Buy & Download Now

Basic Popping

$19.95 USD

  • Learn the Foundations of Popping
  • No Previous Experience Required

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Freestyle Popping

$19.95 USD

  • Put All The Basic Moves Together
  • Practice Techniques & Freestlye

Buy & Download Now

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Which video is right for me?

Super Basic Club Moves is for people that just want to improve their social dancing skills. Warning: The club moves video could be too easy for you! I teach 16 very simple moves that require zero experience, and can be learned in 2-3 days. Basic Popping also requires no previous experience, but first you have to be comfortable on the dance floor. It walks you through the basics of popping in a step-by-step & easy to follow format. You will learn Arm Waves, Body Waves, Isolations, Robotics, Dime Stops, Hitting, Fresno, Gliding, Head Isolations, and more. After you learn the basic moves, Freestyle Popping takes it to the next level with Boogaloo Rolls, Tutting, Footwork, Popping & Waving Combinations, Variations, Musicality, Hitting Exercises, Practice Techniques, Performance Tips, How To Freestyle, and more!

Will I learn how to dance to dubstep?

Yes and No. I do not have a special dubstep video because everything you need to know is already in the popping videos. You can easily apply all the popping styles I teach to dubstep music. Just one note: please refrain from incorrectly calling it dubstepping or dubstep dance.

Basic Popping Content Freestyle Popping Content
  • Robotics
  • Dime stops
  • Isolations
  • Arm Waves
  • Body Waves
  • Combining Waves
  • Hitting Techniques
  • Hitting Exercises
  • Basic Fresno
  • Gliding Techniques
  • Side Glide
  • Square Glide
  • Zombie Walk Exercise
  • Side Head Isolation
  • Front Head Isolation
  • Review & Advice
  • Single Legs Rolls
  • Double Leg Rolls
  • Full Body Boogaloo
  • Walkout Footwork
  • Waving & Hitting Combos
  • Vertical Movement & Angles
  • Fresno “Skeleton”
  • Freestyle vs Mirror
  • Waving Variety Exercises
  • Mixing Styles
  • Practice Techniques
  • Wide Angle Tutting
  • Isolated Tuts
  • Musicality
  • Creativity
  • Performance Tips

Learn From Any Country

These videos can be purchased & downloaded in less than 6 minutes from anywhere in the world! If you live 20 miles away in New York City or 8,000 miles away in Australia, downloading still takes 6 min!

Works With PC & MAC

Works with Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and VLC Player. All PCs come with Windows Media Player & All MACs come with Quicktime player. Guaranteed to work: Simply download & click play!

30 Day Guarantee

If you can’t rock these moves on the dance floor in 30 days or are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact me within 30 days and I will gladly and promptly refund for purchase, no questions asked.